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Daycare Policies

Budding Children’s Garden & Daycare provides the flexible, supportive environment where your child will grow safely and confidently, with respect and appreciation for nature.

We believe that children learn best when lessons are delivered as a whole body experience, with opportunities to see, touch, squish, manipulate, and experiment. Our centre and activities are specifically designed to provide children with the opportunities to learn in the ways they learn best. That may be different for each child, and we aim to promote the best in all our Buddies, no matter what their level or style.

Further, we believe that fostering an appreciation for the natural world is the first step to lifelong sustainable living habits. Respect for the environment is a standing theme in all our programming.

The teachers at Buddings are trained in early childhood education.

While facilitating activities, they look for ways to give each child the specific attention they need to progress at their own pace, and in their own direction. Activities, art projects, music and movement, stories, and free play are all incorporated, focused on the topics that most inspire the kids in our care.

To meet licensing requirements, all our educators have a minimum qualification to work in daycares. Since our centre is unique, for all the Buddings-specific tricks and training, they also undergo an 8-week training and mentoring program to get them up to speed with our routines and we also participate in on-going professional development, through workshops and presentations. All teachers have valid First Aid and a cleared criminal record check.

Buddings is licensed to care for up to 16 buddies per hour, and staff are never responsible for more than 4 children at a time.

These ratios will never be exempted, so you can trust that your child’s specific needs are being met.

Phone calls are welcome.

With flexible care, things change, and we will always answer the phone… if we can. Call us if you need to extend or unbook, don’t remember what the snack is, or can’t find your lunchbox. We welcome calls for quick questions, and passing along information about the children in our care. If it goes to the machine, please call back in the next 10 minutes.

Email is the best way to share detailed information with Buddings.

When it comes to your child, everything is top priority, but our teachers are caring for all the other children as well. If you have questions or concerns that are not related to the care or bookings for children currently in attendance, please email us.

We provide an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated and every quality is valued.

We believe everyone is special, with a unique perspective to share with the group. Our buddies are taught to appreciate surface differences, to better understand the ways we are all the same. It is never too early to start.

RESPECT is the sunlight that makes Budding Children’s Garden flourish, and it comes from everyone!

For staff, that means listening to our buddies and giving them the time and means to express themselves. We will never use any form of physical discipline (including withholding food or drinks), ostracization, or shaming, as we do not believe these encourage self-confidence.

For our buddies, it means sharing, using manners, playing nicely, and keeping the centre tidy and ready for action.

Even families have a part to play, being punctual, considerate, and positive role models.

Limits are given in positive, behaviour-specific terms.

This means our limitations give Buddies the information they need to perform the desired behaviour. For example: “At Buddings, we walk in the centre,” not “Don’t run at Buddings.” Try this at home. It’s a great way to reduce “tattling.”

Correctional focus is on the behaviour, and is always related to RESPECT and/or SAFETY.

The years up to 5 are the age of discovery. The world is a big mystery, and the only way to understand it is to experiment. That’s what Buddings is all about! But when experimentation might lead to trouble, or someone might be hurt, we need to step in. We set clear and simple limits in terms our Buddies can understand, with time given for everyone to take in the message.

We use the following Guidance Strategies:

  • Modeling and actively teaching appropriate behaviour and problem solving skills
  • Supporting the child to be an active and positive participant in dealing with the outcomes of his/her behaviour
  • Recognizing and acknowledging the child’s feelings when setting limits
  • Teaching children to express feelings in appropriate ways
  • Redirecting the child, or giving the choice of more appropriate activities

Contact information for guardians and Emergency Contacts can be updated through the Buddings Account.

We will periodically remind you to confirm that all contact information is still accurate, but you can make updates as they happen by logging in to the Guard Info Tab of the Buddings Account.

The door is always locked. Registered members receive swipecards for anytime access.

A swipe card, or 2, for the front door is included with your membership. Please return them before the end of your last service month.  The swipe cards are numbered and assigned to the family, so you’ll have access whenever you need. If it gets lost, let us know immediately so that we can deactivate it.

Only those listed on the Authorized Pick-Up list will be permitted to remove the children from the centre without explicit confirmation from a guardian.

Adding people to the list can be done easily on the Buddy Profile Tab of the Buddings Account. If you forget to update the list beforehand, we will contact you when the person arrives for confirmation. All Authorized Pick-Up people must be at least 16 years old. Proof of identity may be requested upon first introduction.

Children will not be released to any person that appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise appears incapable of providing safe care of the child.

Instead, the Emergency Contact, or another Authorized Pick-Up person will be asked to come get the child and individual. As a licensed daycare, we are ultimately responsible for everything that happens to a child as a result of our actions, including releasing him or her into an unsafe situation. We will not hesitate to call the police if we feel the safety of the child or our staff is at risk.

Centre staff make time to meet with concerned family members.

We are always open to hearing from Buddings families, especially if you have concerns. We will treat all requests for a formal meeting with utmost seriousness. Please email the request, a couple of date/time options, and as much detail as you feel comfortable giving on the topic to the management team at, or directly to the centre owner, Talia Erickson, at

If the matter concerns a member of our staff, we will meet with you first, but will always give the staff member a chance to explain the situation before taking any action.

Similarly, if there is anything we feel needs to be discussed privately, we will request a meeting with you.

No matter what the issue, we work together to find a solution, and if necessary, schedule a follow-up meeting to review the situation. Detailed notes will be drafted and both staff and guardians will sign their acknowledgement of the issue and the resolution. These notes will be kept on file.

We have an “open relationship” with our licensing officer and health nurse.

Licensed daycares are visited a few times a year by Vancouver Coastal Health and Public Health officers, especially during the first year of operations, to check in and make sure everything is running smoothly and the children are safe. It’s not usually disruptive, but if your child is at the centre during one of these visits, they may get to be involved.

We also have responsibilities to report any disease outbreaks, suspicions of abuse, and other serious incidents via our Incident Reports. If a child ever discloses abuse to one of our staff, we have a responsibility to report the disclosure directly to the investigators at Vancouver Coastal Health, who will pursue the matter as they deem appropriate.

Daycare subsidy does not apply for occasional care.

While we know that childcare is expensive no matter how infrequently you use it, Buddings does not qualify for subsidized reimbursement.

One day, your child will outgrow our daycare, and the time will come to say “good-bye.”

No matter how long you’ve been with us, or what the reason for leaving, we’ll miss the graduating buddies just the same. For every one, we’ll also have a few loose ends to tie up.

  • Before the 15th of your last month, be sure to complete and return the Switch/Exit Form.
  • The swipe card assigned to your family while registered with Buddings must be returned on or before the last day of the month.
  • The final Incidentals Invoice must be settled in full.

Regardless of circumstances, we will never terminate a contract over the actions of a child.

We do not believe that sending Buddies out of daycare is ever in their best interest, but when a reconciliation of differences with the guardians is not possible, we reserve the right to end the relationship.

You will never be surprised by this because the matter will have been brought to your attention on at least two occasions, and notes will show the progression of the issue.


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