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How Buddings Works

Buddings offers flexible occasional childcare for modern families

Buddings kids (“Buddies”) attend our centre for up to a maximum of 40 hours per month. Book your time through our ridiculously convenient website, around your schedule, from anywhere. Whether it’s to cover appointments, to do your errands in a fraction of the time, or just to give yourself a break in the run of a day, you can use your hours however you want, and make reservations with as little as one hour’s notice.

Buddings is here when you need us

We have up to 16 spots available per hour from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. We are closed on statutory holidays and usually take a holiday from Christmas to New Years.

We’re pleased to offer a creative learning environment, with 11 different learning centres, and countless opportunities for self-exploration.

Insanely low 1:4 staff ratios mean our teachers can be closely involved in activities and take advantage of the teachable moments that arise. We’re always looking for ways to expand on what children can do, by connecting new information to what they already know, and providing support to help them reach the next level.

Pick Your Membership – from as little as $10/mo.!

Our centre operates with a $10 monthly membership fee that covers your registration and access to the centre and website, account maintenance, and annual tax receipts. We bill the credit card on file on the 25th of the month for the following month’s membership, and we use PCI compliant systems to ensure your information is accurate and protected.

Occasional Membership – $10/mo. and $20/hour

Buddings is Vancouver’s flexible, occasional daycare, and we provide as-little-as-one-hour’s-notice, licensed, educational care for toddlers and preschoolers (18 mo. – kindergarten). Login to purchase and book your hours online. Your account stays active for as long as you want, and we’re always there when you need us. Plus, to switch to a higher usage level, you can just buy Regular hours, and we’ll switch you for one month.

Occasional Membership works well for families needing less than 10 hours per month, especially if children regularly attend other programs. It does not work well for children for whom separation is a new experience.

Regular Membership – $60/mo. and $15/hour

If you’re looking for a regular place for socializing with other children, or a dynamic play-and-learning program for preschoolers, the Regular Membership makes Buddings a regular part of your week. Because that’s how children learn!

Your Regular Membership costs a flat $50 more per month, but it gets you started and settled in with your first 3 hours free, and knocks your hourly rate down to just $15/hour! We may recommend this level for new families, so that children (and parents) can adjust.

We recommended making your first 3 visits over the course of the first week (or so), so that children can become familiar with the daycare routines.

For Best Results: The Twice a Week Plan

Development flourishes when children can gain confidence through accomplishment. We believe that children learn by connecting new concepts to things they already know, and build on ideas through repeated exposure. Here’s why the Twice a Week Plan works so well:

The Social Environment

Chances are, one of your top priorities for your child attending group care is the opportunity to develop their social skills. Buddings is a wonderful place to meet and make friends! It’s normal for young children to feel uncertain the first time they are invited to join group activities. They are still learning about who they are, as well as how others should be treated, and all the basics for human interaction. Watching others, and trying things out, is part of the process. Making friends takes time, and attending twice a week means your child will get to play with a wide variety of children, helping them develop cultural and social openness, and experimenting with their first meaningful relationships, which can last a lifetime.

Project Closure and Completion

Attending twice a week also means children have opportunities to participate in on-going projects, practice and perfect weekly skills, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing something develop over time. Our program is specifically designed to introduce and reinforce ideas over the course of a season, with weekly projects and daily developmental goals. The more often children attend, the more chances they will have to take in the lessons.

Adjusting to Separation, Potty Training, and Social Etiquette

When children have fears about separations from family, keeping them short, but frequent, reinforces learning that reunions always follow, and that parents always come back. Even after children are “integrated,” they may  go through periods where they feel more and less comfortable away from their families. Surrounded by their peers, visit after visit, they can see, and learn, appropriate behaviours, in a way we can never teach them with words. From sitting on the potty, eating politely at the table, and taking care of themselves and their things, the social cues are all around, and everyone is doing it!

Buddings at your fingertips:

Upon approval of your application, you will be given password protected access to the secured, private part of our website, the Buddings Account. This is where you find all the information about your registration. You can reserve time and review past bookings, update important contact information and make payments. The Buddings Account is your immediate, anytime, access to all things Buddings. 🙂

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