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Storybook Opening Party

March 21, 2018
Written by Talia

It’s almost time, and we’re as excited as you can be! But before we open the doors at Storybook Buddings, we need to…

This month, the Buddings teachers have taken on a shopping challenge: How to buy toys and games for preschoolers and toddlers that meet our values of sustainability, inclusivity, open-endedness, and of course, FUN!

The teams were drawn at our last staff meeting, and each one got $500 to spend on:

Art Materials – Ehlssie and our newest teacher Aida

Books – Sarah and Ayumi (they have the best books!)

Dramatic Play – Kezia, Anna, and Tomomi

Blocks and Manipulatives – Talia and Florence

We considered the materials used to make the toys, the packaging used to wrap and ship, and the number one criteria was durability.¬†The kids who play all day need toys that can take a kicking and keep on ticking… or beeping, or whatever it is they’re supposed to do. ūüėČ

Florence and I spent two¬†hours (stressful for her, and super-fun for me) at Toys R Us and MacGillycuddy’s in Kerrisdale¬†– where our own Sarah MacDonald worked when she was a UBC student all those years ago!

The owner Lynn says Sarah was a doll even back then ūüėČ

We did our first ever Live Instagram Video as well. Flo’s the social media coordinator, so if you hop over to Insta, you can find us in the aisles of those stores – where we blew our $500 budget to the sky… oops.

Ehlssie and Aida went up to used art material store Urban Source, and Kez and Tomomi hit up the Value Villages for costumes. The great thing about buying second hand is that the packaging and shipping has already been accounted for, AND you can get the things that last and last! Plastic toys last forever (literally! check the landfill) so finding the really good ones, that are well-built, and paying half-price, gives them a second life, and eases our wallet, and our conscience about petroleum products.

The bags and boxes are starting to pile up, and the party is happening on Tuesday, Mar. 27! We hope you’ll join us, and East Van pre-loved children’s pop-up Shop Paper Scissors for the big unboxing, from 3 – 6pm.

As soon as we get the permits and licenses through, DEFINITELY join us for flexible occasional daycare at 1438 Cedar Cottage Mews in East Van.

Assuming we get all this other stuff organized…

We have a pet… lots of pets!

March 17, 2018
Written by Talia

On Saturdays this spring, the kids and teachers are learning about animals!

We recently adopted a guinea pig, and here’s what we’ve learned so far:

There are a lot of videos and information, but some is conflicting.

  1. Do Guinea pigs need to take baths? Some sites say yes, and some say bathing them can reduce the oils in their fur.
  2. Do Guinea pigs get lonely? In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one!

To answer our questions, we’re taking this class on the road; visiting a groomer, a vet, and several different pet stores.

And since we’re fieldtripping every week, and so far it’s been beautiful, it’s also a celebration of spring!

Join Anna, Ayumi, and me, Saturdays all through the spring as we explore the world of creatures, and especially all about Guinea Pigs!

Kids Clothing Swap: Apr. 15, 11am – 1pm

March 4, 2018
Written by Talia

Our 12th… or 14th?… Our latest Spring Toy and Clothing Swap is happening on Apr. 15, 2018 from 11am – 1pm!

You can pick up bags, and bags of clothes and toys, for $1 per item!! Or less!

Option 1: Show up on Apr. 15! 

Peruse the piles, collect cool threads, and pay just $1/item.

Plus, style an outfit for our Instagram contest, and take that one home for FREE. (Up to 5 items!)

Option 2: Get your first 10 items FREE

Bring your gently used children‚Äôs clothes, toys, and accessories to Buddings (203 ‚Äď 950 West Broadway, at Oak) by Apr. 13, and your first 10 items FREE! After that, pay just $1 per item… unless you style the outfit. See above.

Check out some of our past posts for pointers, or email talia@buddings.ca.

How to purge

Nov. 2016 Recap and Pics

Nov. 2014 Recap and Pics

… we’ve been doing this for a while ūüėČ

BKC Presents: Spring has Sprung 2018

February 27, 2018
Written by Ehlssie

The days are getting warmer and longer; gardeners prepare to sow, leaves and flowers start to blossom along bare branches. From the warmth of the sun, and the downpour of rain, comes rainbows… and in March comes spring!

This spring, we are presenting a diverse, unique, and fun set of classes for our upcoming season! From cooking and science classes, to dramatic play and much more,  there are countless presentations and activities the teachers have in store for all Big Kids and non-nappers of Buddings!








Forces of Nature with Ehlssie Marquez

Japanes Treats with Ayumi Kato

Planes, Trains & Autos with Sarah MacDonald

Kids Theatre with Tomomi Ito

Planting Class with Kezia Antholyka

We have a pet to care for on Saturdays!

Every afternoon, from March until May,¬†our teachers¬†will¬†present a ‘blossoming’ educational program of play and learning. We will cover important developmental skills essential for overall success, such as turn taking, raising up their hand with questions, ¬†and sharing attention of teachers! Of course, peer interaction through sharing and team work will enhance overall social development. Big Kid¬†Preschoolers, and those toddlers who don’t sleep in the afternoons, are in for a treat!

Weekday classes run from 1 – 4pm, with many fieldtrips happening at least once a week, also from 1-4 pm. Saturday classes run from 11 – 2pm.

Check out the program:

Mondays with Ehlssie: Forces of Nature
Join the scientists of Buddings as we unravel the forces of nature! From storms to volcanic eruptions, in this class we will do an in depth examination of different processes of the natural world!

Tuesdays with Ayumi: Japanese Treats
Join the cooks and bakers of Buddings as we learn about (and eat) the best treats Japan has to offer!

Wednesdays with Sarah: Planes, Trains,and Automobiles Calling all vehicle lovers! Here comes the Big Kids Club class you have all been waiting for! In this class we will learn all about the various processes of transportation.

Thursdays with Tomomi: Dress up Drama 
This class will be all about imaginative play! Join us as we use our wildest imagination to be anyone and anything we want to be in any story we can dream of!

Fridays with Kezia: Gardens Grow 

This hands on class is all about digging in the dirt, literally! In this class we will learn all about how we can make gardens bloom and grow, with a focus on nutrition and healthy eating.

Saturdays this Spring: We have a pet! 

This season, our daycare gecko, four frogs, dozen fish, snails, shrimp, and crickets,¬†are joined by the sweetest, nicest little mammal they’ve ever met. He doesn’t have a name yet, but this little snuggler is squeaking into our hearts. Join us on Saturdays to take care of our new guinea pig.

#BKCSpringhasSprung runs from March 5, 2018 РJune 1, 2018

2018 Spring has Sprung Field Trips

February 20, 2018
Written by Ehlssie







March 9 – Kezia’s Planting Class Fieldtrip to¬†Whole Foods

March 15 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch)

March 17 –¬†The Groom Room at Oak and 22nd. Our daycare dog Benson needs a bath…

March 19 –¬†Ehlssie’s Forces of Nature Fieldtrip to Queen Elizabeth Park

March 20 – Ayumi Fieldtrip YVR International Airport

March 21 – All Aboard! Join Conductor Sarah for a trip to the Roundhouse Community Centre

March 22 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to BMO Theatre Centre

March 23 – Kezia’s Planting Class Fieldtrip to VanDusen Botanical Garden

March 27 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Kids Market in Granville Island

April 6 –¬† Garden Growers, let’s go to the Pine St. Community Gardens!

April 12 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Kidsbooks

April 14 – The frogs and gecko eat crickets! Let’s get some from PetSmart at Cambie and 2nd

April 18 –¬†Sarah’s¬†Aquabus adventure to Granville Island

April 21 – We Have a Pet goes to Petsmart for crickets!

April 23 – Ehlssie’s Forces of Nature Fieldtrip to the¬†Vancouver Harbour via. Waterfront Station

April 24 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Sea bus and Lonsdale Quay Market

May 4 – Kezia’s Planting Class visits a spaceship at Storybook Buddings!

May 10 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Red Gate Revue Stage at Granville Island

May 16 – Off to the Airport with Sarah!

May 22 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Vancouver Public Library, Downtown

May 26 –¬†The underwater animals at Aquariums West are waiting for our animal lovers to visit


Cubby Card Matching Game

January 15, 2018
Written by Talia

Welcome to Buddings! We’re glad you’ve arrived at our centre!

Take your coat off, settle in, and please enjoy this quick name-tag and labeling system training for what to do – with your stuff – when you arrive at Buddings:

Step 1: Choose a cubby with two blank, MATCHING cubby cards, and label both cards with child(ren)’s names. CLEARLY. (Markers are for parents and teachers.)

Step 2: Hang one card from a hook in the matching cubby, and leave outdoor wear, sleep accessories, and ALL FOOD (unless it should go in the fridge).

In summer, please apply sunscreen to your child. A dispenser of natural product is provided. We will reapply after 3 hrs.

Step 3: Bring fridge food in a LABELED container, plus LABELED bathroom kits (if any/all welcome), and a LABELED water bottle inside the gate, with your child – wearing shoes or slippers (label optional).

Step 4: Once inside, invite your child to pick a cubby for their things and hang the card from the hook to the left. A big hug at the gate, but there’s¬†time for one more “goodbye!”

Let’s all meet at the window for a wave!

Upon your return: Collect everything from the cubby INCLUDING the cubby card. Sign out. Erase the cards and hang them back in the EMPTY cubby.

The “Left & Found” is on top of the cubbies, and provides major contribution to our semi-annual clothing swaps. Please visit our Events Calendar¬†for upcoming dates. Or, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! ūüėČ



What’s the Storybook??

January 12, 2018
Written by Talia

There’s been some development at 1438 Cedar Cottage Mews and our Facebook is all abuzz:

The location is slated to open in March, and if you’d like to stay in touch, sign up below:

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