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Welcome to Munsch World!

January 10, 2017
Written by: Sarah

Welcome to Munsch World, a place where hilarity ensues and mystery abounds!

Click the image above to for a video of The Dark!

The Dark has escaped, and it’s busy eating up shadows all over town…

At the end of Robert Munsch’s classic story by the same name, little Jule Ann and her parents dispose of the shadow-eating dark by trapping it in a cookie jar, sealing it up tight, and hurling it onto a passing garbage truck. The dark is gone for good…or so they think!

This Wednesday, the Big Kids are about to discover that the dark is, in fact, alive and well in Munsch World. Tossing and turning in the back of the garbage truck, the cookie jar broke open! As the truck made its way through town, little bits of dark fell out along the way.

It’s up to the Big Kids to collect the pieces of dark scattered around Munsch World and save it from the hungry, shadow-eating dark…one Robert Munsch-inspired riddle at a time!

The Big Kids will use their trusty Munsch Map to navigate their way through Munsch World.

Using their trusty Munsch Map, the Big Kids will explore a world inhabited by the “clang clanging” Mortimer, the airplane-wielding Angela, and the infamous dragon of The Paperbag Princess, just to name a few. Each class, they’ll travel to a new location on the map, get to know a new Robert Munsch story, and help the population of Munsch World by solving a riddle and gathering up the dark…for good this time!

Join us from 1-4pm on Wednesday afternoons for a Munsch World adventure!

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