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Wednesdays are for Woodland Adventures!

September 15, 2017
Written by: Sarah

Look carefully, and you’ll see two “troll faces” in this rock formation in Skogafoss, Iceland.

This summer’s Forest Fieldtrips program was such a hit, we decided to continue our  woodland adventures into the fall season!

This iteration of the program includes a little more magic and mythology than the last. Each class, the children delve into the world of the enchanted forest to learn about a mythic creature who call the woods home. Every second Wednesday, we head into the great outdoors to bring these legends to life!

As a child, I was fascinated with anything and everything mythological. From forest faeries to Greek gods, I couldn’t get enough! Not only did this give me insight into the history and culture of the lands these myths originated in, it expanded my imagination in untold ways. For me, this is what makes early childhood such a special time: anything is possible! Faeries that flutter in the air like hummingbirds, elves that heal the sick, trolls that live under bridges…these whimsical creatures bring an element of wonder to each class, spurring on the curiosity of big and little kids alike.

My own interest in this strange and fascinating stuff has inspired me to take an upcoming trip to Iceland: land of elves and trolls. So, it’s only natural that we begin the program with these tiny but powerful little people. So far, we’ve covered the classic Three Billy Goats Gruff, acted out with gusto by the children this past Wednesday. “Who’s tripping over my bridge?” demanded Jasper, who made a compelling Grumpy Old Troll. With each rehearsal, the kids gained confidence and understood the story a little better each time, cooperating to make the story their own…and it didn’t hurt that Jasper had brought, by pure coincidence, a scary mask that was perfect for the role of Troll!

As we proceed into autumn, we will head into the forest to learn about more woodland creatures, real and imagined. Next Wednesday will be our first field trip of the season: we’re heading to the UBC Endowment Lands for some good old fashioned faery catching! Join us from 1-5pm on fieldtrip days and 1 – 4pm on in-class days. Check out our Fall Fieldtrips page to see when we’re heading out into the wild!


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