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Wednesday’s Adventures in Munsch World

February 21, 2017
Written by: Sarah

Munsch World is looking a whole lot brighter these days thanks to the children of Big Kids Club!

Since the beginning of January, the Big Kids have helped pick up the pieces of the hungry, shadow-eating dark that was scattered across town after little Jule Ann (The Dark) tried disposing of it in a passing garbage truck.

Each Wednesday, we navigate this wacky world with the help of our trusty Munsch Map. So far, it’s taken us to a bunch of unexpected and exciting places! Here are a few highlights from our adventures:


After Christopher, the cookie monster at the heart of this story, is tricked by his teacher into eating a play dough cookie himself, the rest of his class gets inspired to create a real cookie that will feed the whole classroom!

The Big Kids and I had to try this out for ourselves, so we got to work making “the biggest cookie ever” after reading this story. Liam, Sylvie, and Maxim measured, poured, and mixed their hearts out to make this enormous treat. They brought the story to life, wap wap wapping the dough and plunk plunk plunking on chocolate chips.


Angela’s Airplane

In the spirit of this Munsch classic, Maxim, Liam, Alice and I ventured out to YVR Airport to find Angela’s Airplane and the dark all at the same time. Though we didn’t fly any airplanes like Angela, we watched our share of take offs and landings from the Public Observation Area. Like Angela, the kids got to press lots of buttons, putting YVR’s interactive model of Sea Island to good use.

After Liam spotted “Angela’s airplane” landing on a distant runway, we began our search for the dark. We spotted it in some strange places, including the tip of a stuffed orca’s tongue and a skytrain ticket machine. When all three kids had collected their darks, we hopped back on the skytrain to continue our epic transportation adventure of planes, trains, busses, and elevators!


Something Good

Something Good is a great jumping off point for conversations about food and nutrition, so the kids and I discussed what “good food” really means. Is good food healthy? Is it yummy? Or is it both? After our discussion, we collaged a variety of “good foods” on to paper plates to try making a balanced meal. Some were more balanced than others, with cookies and cakes in prominent display on more than a few plates!




Join us this Wednesday, February 22nd for our second Munsch-inspired field trip! This time, we’re off to Self-Care Home Health Products on 6th Avenue to find out what it’s like to use a wheel chair like Lauretta, the main character in Zoom! Do they have a 92-speed, silver and gold, dirt bike wheel chair like Lauretta’s? It’s up to the Big Kids to find out!

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