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Tuesdays this Fall, Dig into Science with Earth Explorers Club!

September 6, 2016
Written by: Sarah

Growing up in Kelowna, I loved to collect rocks from the beaches of Okanagan Lake. Every time we went down to the lake, I’d come home with another pile of stones to add to my collection. To this day, it’s still hard for me to walk away from an outdoor adventure without a rock or two in my pocket! They are still my favourite souvenir, and I’ve collected stones from almost everywhere I’ve traveled; my collection boasts obsidian arrowheads from the Kootenays, smooth river stones from Switzerland, and a pebble or two from the gardens of Versailles. Each one recalls a memory and transports my mind back to the time and place of its discovery.


Click the photo for more information about how to build a rock collection with your kids!

These ancient treasures provide an incredible chance to go back in time and interact with the earth as it was billions of years ago. Whether it’s ocean floors that surged up due to continental collisions, or coming face-to-face with astonishing evidence of early life on the planet, examining rocks is a unique chance to witness our planet’s history.

Collecting rocks is such an easy way for kids to connect with nature. Treasures gathered during walks in the park spur on their natural curiosity. How did that rock end up on the shore? Why is it so smooth/rough/flat? Why is one rock a different colour for the other? Why do some have layers and others don’t? Asking these simple questions and searching for answers is science-in-action! Every kid is a natural geologist.

This autumn, the Big Kids and I will be digging into the earth sciences in Earth Explorers Club. Together, we will unearth the planet’s great mysteries, from how rocks are formed, to what makes volcanoes erupt, to how dinosaur bones are discovered! Join us on our scientific adventure Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 4pm!

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