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Thursday’s Pirate Adventures

April 27, 2016
Written by: Sarah

Ahoy, mateys! Last Thursday, our merry band of marauders found themselves washed up on the shores of Pirate Island. Thankfully, we’ve been equipped with a map to guide us across its harsh landscape to the treasure that lies on its south-eastern shores.

Each class, the pirates receive a new clue courtesy of our trusty comrade, Purple Turtle. Purple Turtle is a sort of oracle of the high seas, delivering declarations from the deep to the crew each week. Our steward in this quest, Purple Turtle’s puzzling pronouncements may provoke the crew to solve a mystery, learn something new about their environment, or help a creature trapped on Pirate Island’s forbidding landscape.

With the solving of each clue, the pirates will get closer to their ultimate goal…treasure! The crew advance through the harsh terrain of Pirate Island by solving the Turtle’s riddles. Once a clue is solved, we chart our progress on our trusty map.

Last class, the Turtle left us a cryptic note about a gelatinous beast lurking on the Island’s north-eastern shores. Pirates Dez and Heron rushed to find the answers to his riddle, searching high and low for the book of Unusual Creatures by Michael Hearst , which they hoped would contain the magic words needed to free our slimy friend from its terrestrial prison.

After looking through the book, it became clear to Pirates Heron and Dez that the creature washed up on Pirate Island’s shores was a blobfish! Together, we learned that this jiggly pink mass needed the pressure of the deep sea to keep its body in the right shape. The crew recited the blobfish’s incantation three times, releasing it back into its watery home.

With the blobfish safe at the bottom of the sea, this motley crew are left to wonder about what lays ahead in their journey across Pirate Island. This Thursday, the pirates will confront a new challenge when they pass through the snake-patrolled desert of No Man’s Land. What clues will Purple Turtle deliver to help with their passage? Will the pirates be able to cross the desert without being bitten? Keep checking the blog to find out what happens next on our island adventure!

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