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Pirate Club Goes to the Museum

May 17, 2016
Written by: Sarah

Last Thursday afternoon, our budding buccaneers left their pirate lair for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It was a treacherous journey: two buses and 10 minutes of walking each way, 12 pirates, and three teachers! This was Budding’s BIGGEST FIELD TRIP EVER… and we couldn’t have asked for a better band of pirates to make the journey with!

On this voyage, we had:

After departing our pirate lair, we hopped on the #99 B-Line bus, heading west to Kitsilano. Once at MacDonald Street we waited for our next ride, the #22. After a snack and a short wait, we hopped on the bus and headed to Cornwall Avenue, where we hopped off and headed towards Vanier Park, the home of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Inside the museum, the pirates wasted no time climbing aboard the St. Roch, an historic ship with a storied past of Arctic exploration. We clambered up the walkway to the deck of the ship, eager to discover what life was like for the seafaring folk who lived aboard the St. Roch during her heyday in the early 20th century.

Once onboard, we discovered that the crew of the St. Roch lived in very close and cramped quarters on their long journeys in the North. Their beds were short and skinny, their rooms small and stuffed to the gills with uniforms, books, and reminders of homes far away.

On the ship deck, pirates Grant and Marcus quickly discovered a sled dog peering out into the high seas of long ago. As it turns out, the crew of the St. Roch included an Inuit guide and his trusty pooch, who helped the sailors navigate icy Arctic waters. The guide slept in a tent on the ship deck, while the rest of the crew rested in their cabins, shielded from the elements.

After our tour of the St. Roch, it was time to explore the museum’s galleries, which were ideally-suited to a group of rabble-rousing miniature pirates! We hunted for sunken ships and treasure with a giant flashlight, tried on diving gear, moved fishing nets up and down with a pulley, and took the helm of the perfect pint-size pirate ship.

With no time to spare, it was time for our pirates to make their way back to Budding’s. We retraced our steps, arriving tuckered out but nonetheless triumphant, after a day of exploring the high seas.


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