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Off to the Chocolate Factory!

February 23, 2016
Written by: Sarah

For our field trip to Yaletown last week, Denet and I led a troupe of would-be chocolatiers to XOXOLAT (pronounced sho-sho-la).

On this delectable adventure, we had:

We took the trusty #17 bus to Yaletown, getting off near the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch. After that, we marched west down Homer St. to find “the chocolate factory”.

Once inside, we found ourselves in a chocolate-lover’s paradise. The shop was filled with chocolate of all shapes, sizes, and flavours. There was dark chocolate and white chocolate, milk chocolate and green chocolate (AJ’s favourite)! There were chocolate bars and chocolate shoes (Dez’s chocolate of choice)! In fact, there was so much chocolate around, it was hard to know where to begin…

Lucky for us, Hodie, XOXOLAT‘s resident chocolate expert, was there to guide us through the ins and outs of “the chocolate factory”. She invited the children to examine a cocoa pod, explaining that the cocoa beans inside are what’s used to make the chocolate we see in stores. The Big Kids took turns shaking the pod and then took closer look at the cocoa beans themselves.

After that, the time came for the pièce de résistance of our trip: the chocolate tasting! Hodie kindly doled out kid-sized pieces of milk, white, and dark chocolate to a rapt audience. “Chocolate found a new home…in my tummy!” they all cheered. Then came the obvious question, “Can we have more?”

After sampling the wares, we took a vote on which kind of chocolate was the most popular among the Big Kids. Drumroll please…. the winner, with the votes of five out of seven Big Kids was…. milk chocolate! White chocolate came a close second with four votes, and dark chocolate had a mere two hands up in its defence. Why so many votes cast with only seven kids in attendance, you wonder? All I can say is, the democratic process has a bit more wiggle-room when you’re a preschooler.

With our bellies full and our bags full of chocolates to bring home to moms, dads, and a few lucky brothers and sisters, we made our way back to Buddings. The rain began to pour as we walked along Broadway, but our spirits could not be dampened after a sugar-coated afternoon at “the chocolate factory”.

A special thanks goes out to Hodie at XOXOLAT! She was marvellous with the children and put together a perfect pint-sized chocolate lesson. If you love chocolate as much as I do, visit her at XOXOLAT‘s location on Homer St. and enjoy one of their delectable treats! Take a peek at their website for more information about adult chocolate tastings and other special events.

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