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Early Literacy on Thursday Afternoons

October 7, 2014
Written by: Sarah

Last Thursday, we started a new early literacy program here at Buddings! The children explored the letter A, our very first “Letter of the Week”. We had fun creating A-themed arts and crafts, singing songs, and brainstorming words beginning with hard and soft A sounds. The children also began to explore the world of print. They identified upper and lower case versions of the letter and practiced writing their names and their very own letter A’s. As a final project, the children helped to create an apple tree covered in A-words that is now displayed inside Buddings to reinforce what they learned last Thursday.

This week’s focus is on the letter B! Please join us from 1:00 to 4:00 to explore the wonderful world of bubbles, bears, and bellybuttons! We will continue have fun singing phonics songs, playing literacy games, and developing printing skills.

Those children who attend are encouraged to bring a “Guessing Bag”. Making a Guessing Bag is very simple and the children have a lot of fun sharing them with the rest of the class. To make one with your child, put a household item in an opaque bag. On the front of the bag, write the letter that the items begins with. Then, think up three clues your child (with the help of a teacher) can give his or her classmates to help them guess what’s in the bag.  The children really enjoy being the center of attention and sharing something from home with the class!

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