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Alphabet Adventures Program on Thursday Afternoons

January 6, 2015
Written by: Sarah

On Thursdays this winter, the children will be exploring the wonderful world of early literacy with Sarah MacDonald and her trusty sidekick, the Alphabet Monster!
Hi, I’m the infamous Alphabet Monster! Drop by on Thursday afternoons to feed me some letters!

Reading and writing skills begin well before Grade 1 and introducing these skills early has been shown to have a positive, lasting effect on children.

Every week, the kids will dive into fun activities to build their language skills. Children will be immersed in a language-rich environment which will help to develop the three major components of early literacy:

1. Oral Language — listening comprehension, oral language vocabulary

2. Alphabetic Code — alphabet knowledge, phonological/phonemic awareness (the ability to discriminate sounds in words), invented spelling

3. Print Knowledge / Concepts — environmental print, concepts about print

Through a combination of children’s literature, play-based learning, and intentional instruction, the Alphabet Adventures program will nurture kids’ developing understanding of the written and spoken word. Drop by on Thursday afternoons this winter to dive into the exciting world of words and watch out for future blog posts about our upcoming field trips exploring environmental print in the community and visiting local public libraries!

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