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Big Kids Club – Afternoons from 1 – 4pm!

Big Kids’ Club is our seasonal program of structured Play & Learning for Big Kids of all ages, and those who don’t sleep in the afternoons 😉

It focuses on the social-emotional side of early education, including fundamental kindergarten skill development, like sharing, working collaboratively to solve problems, and listening to each other. These social skills are like any other, and they can only be practiced in a group situation. (How does Big Kids Club build social skills?)

This Season: #BKCSpringhasSprung

The Spring Season runs from Mar. 5 – June. 2, with classes running from 1 – 4 pm Monday to Friday (Saturdays 11 – 2 pm), and fieldtrips running at least once a week! ​

Meet the Kids!

The sessions are 13-week explorations that the kids and teachers undertake, through stories, projects, art, role-play, and real-world experience. Magic happens when kids get together for social-centric education, and new friends are met and made every week.

Big Kids Club welcomes children from all of Vancouver’s different backgrounds and cultures. Here, they meet, engage, and learn about one another.

Our 1:4 ratio means teachers are close at hand to support experimentation and keep them safe. Plus, in a social-centric program like ours, those interactions are happening, again and again. Topics vary season by season, but the schedule of activities always includes opportunities for group collaboration, creative expression, and sharing and reflecting. Plus, we send photos, privately through Dropbox, and post “non-identifiable” pics in our Newsletter and on our Instagram so you can see the action for yourself.

Regular classes, twice a week, bring the children together again and again over the season. For 3 months, they learn together, participating on group activities, fieldtrips, and collaborative art projects. Their shared experience turns them into good friends.

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